What is E-advertising?

E-advertising is defined as the placement of electronic messages on a website or in e-mail to:

  • Generate awareness for a brand
  • Stimulate interest/preference for a product or service
  • Provide the means to contact the advertiser for information to make a purchase

"E-advertising" is unique in that it can provide a one-tool process from introduction of a product to close of sale. Traditional advertising requires that the consumer take some action to make a purchase… call a phone number, mail a coupon, go into a store, etc. Electronic advertising allows a company to develop a tool capable of closing the sale by offering a "click here" button… the consumer need never get out of their chair.

The Web has become a pathway through multiple access points created to allow consumers to compare goods and services from one company to the next - with the click of a mouse. The ease of information flow has required some retailers and service organizations to re-think the way that they distribute information about their product, thus requiring integration between traditional and interactive advertising and marketing techniques.

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