Privacy Issues

MK Marketing, Inc. takes consumer privacy issues seriously when compiling any online campaign. As the Internet emerges as the next "growth" marketplace, consumer concerns about personal data, how they are collected and used, and their role in marketing, are being closely scrutinized by privacy advocates, consumer advocates and policymakers at all levels of government in the United States and overseas. Nearly 80 privacy-related bills were introduced during the 105th Congress. More than that will be introduced during the 106th Congress (50 bills were introduced in the first session alone).

Although there is a great deal of pending legislation regarding consumer privacy, the industry is still primarily self-regulated.

Just one example of the pitfalls of privacy, the 2000 Government Council's resolution regarding email marketing says marketers:
• Must not falsify the sender's domain name or use a non-responsive IP address in their email marketing.
• Must not falsify the subject line to mislead readers
• Must include an unsubscribe option in all messages.
• Must inform consumers how their email addresses will be used when the addresses are collected.
• Must not harvest email addresses with the intent to send spam without consumers' knowledge.
• Must not send bulk unsolicited commercial email to an email address without a prior business or personal relationship

For your complimentary copy of Facts For Business: A Business Checklist for Direct Marketers (A Guide to all Federal Trade Commission Regulations), please contact MK Marketing, Inc. at

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